A Revel Motor Row Wedding | Chicago Historical Landmark Venue

The Revel Motor Row wedding venue is one of Chicago’s locations equipped to create a stunning and unique wedding just for you!

About The Revel Motor Row Wedding Venue

Restored as the current event production space, Revel Motor Row is a Chicago landmark with a rich history. It was built in 1936 and previously housed the Illinois Automobile Club and the Chicago Defender building. It is a unique open space designed and built by the acclaimed architect Philip Maher. The original home to the city’s first Cadillac dealership, the restoration of the building helped fuel a resurgence of the area from an iconic neighborhood to a thriving entertainment district. The location of Revel Motor Row is 2412 S Michigan Avenue. Chicago’s event-centric agency operates Revel Space, which affiliates with Revel Global Events, Revel Decor, Limelight, Revel Cares, and Spotlight. The Revel Group, founded by Britt Whitfield in 2007, is one of the fastest-growing women-owned companies!

Overview of the Grounds

Revel Motor Row is a remarkable space that offers a total event space of 50,000 square feet and a total capacity of 2,600 guests. The building’s versatile design has over 20 event spaces, including rooms for private dining and breakout rooms. It gives bride and grooms a blank slate to work with and allows them to design their wedding day exactly as they want! The site also has a green room or bridal suite space featuring stunning details. 

Event Spaces

A few larger spaces on the first floor include The Packard, which offers 4,692 square feet and a max capacity of 520 guests. The Cadillac Courtyard provides 4,060 square feet and a max capacity of 500 guests. Other spaces include the Lincoln 1 & 2, which has a max capacity of 190 guests and square footage of 1,911. The main entrance and lobby feature stained glass windows and a built-in registration area. Mercer is a 1,734-square-foot room that has a max capacity of 173 guests. 

bride holding on to her groom's lapels revel motor row wedding

Second Floor Space

Spaces on the second floor include the Pierce-Arrow room, with a square footage of 1,911 and a max capacity of 190 guests. It is a versatile catering prep space that doubles as another breakout space. The Sengstacke Suite offers 273 square feet and can accommodate 25 guests. The Kissell provides 1,716 square feet and a max capacity of 171. 

Third Floor Space

Revel Motor Row’s third floor has large and small spaces consisting of a catering prep space, the Rolls Royce Ballroom, Sengstacke Suite, the Fraschini, the Renault meeting room, the Status meeting room, and the Dussenberg meeting room. The ballroom can accommodate 40 guests within its 546 square feet. At the same time, the Fraschini offers 1,768 square feet and has a max capacity of 175. The suite offers 315 square feet while accommodating 31 guests. The Renault meeting room offers 176 square feet but can accommodate 470 guests. The Stutz meeting room can seat 30 guests in its 200-square-foot space. The Dussenberg meeting room can seat 27 in its space of 264 square feet. Revel Motor Row’s third largest space is the Garage, 3,000 square feet and a maximum capacity of 350 guests. The Garage also features a catering prep area and ten private restrooms. 

Photography Opportunities At the Revel Motor Row Wedding Venue

Regarding photography opportunities, Revel Motor Row is the perfect blank slate backdrop for beautiful pictures. Featuring open and modern decor within its historic walls, it has quite a few unique photography opportunities awaiting. The building itself tells a tale that is perfect to use as a focused background for images. At the same time, the inside rooms are elegantly and modernly decorated and put together to offer a neutral atmosphere for both candid and posed photos. Those photos capture the emotion of their big day by focusing on the bride and groom without any harsh color distractions in the background!

groom kissing his bride on the cheek revel motor row wedding

Wedding Details

Rental of the venue includes 10 hours of event time, including set up and clean up, as well as event staff to ensure your wedding goes smoothly and as planned. A few amenities included with the venue on your wedding day are linens, silverware, glassware, security, a day or coordinator, a dance floor, a groom’s dressing area, and a bride’s dressing area. The venue also provides catering! However, food and beverages are handled solely by the Revel Group’s catering company, Limelight Catering. Limelight Catering is one of Chicago’s local and sustainable farm-to-table catering options that offers a variety of menu and cuisine options. 

From hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and sides to cocktails, desserts, and wedding cakes, Limelight Catering is ready to provide a wonderful experience and tasty items for your wedding! Menu items range from sushi stations to caviar, with beef, poultry, seafood, lamb, and many other entree items, including specialty diets such as Kosher or vegetarian options. 

Revel Motor Row Wedding

The Revel Motor Row wedding venue is a beautiful, open location with tons of space and delicious on-site catering that is a fantastic option for any wedding!

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