I'm a Jewish wedding and portrait photographer passionate about capturing love stories.

I'm Eliana!
Hi friend,

Thank you for being here! Photography is about capturing your most beautiful & confident self, and I’m here to help you hype you up along the way! You won't need to worry about practicing your smile because I’m here to help your real one shine during our time together. You’ll experience my signature secret-sauce combination of poses and prompts that are guaranteed to give you a fun and memorable session. 

I’ve been doing photography for more than six years and have photographed all ages — from 0 to 105! No matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, if you’re looking for a fun-filled session that will leave you giggling, giddy, and feeling like your BEST self, you’re in the right place.

a glimpse behind the camera...
Hi there, I’m Eliana (She/her), Your ball-of-energy photography bestie capturing love stories in Chicago & worldwide. 
fun facts about me.

Body positivity & inclusivity. Also equity and access in the college admissions process.

favorite Season

Fall, OBVIOUSLY! As a California girl I was thrilled to move to Chicago and discover that leaves also come in red and yellow!

proudest accomplishment

I wrote and published a children's book which celebrates essential workers! 


I can't read music very well, but I can play most songs by ear on the violin.


Journaling, reading, spontaneously nailing things into my walls, & crafting of all kinds!


Finding new recipes to make in my crock pot!

My values



I never alter the shape of bodies because photography is about making you feel like the gorgeous person that you are! I want your photos to capture your day as you remember it, which is why I edit true-to-color with a little bit of warmth. I do follow what I call the “two-week-rule” - meaning that if there’s something currently on your body that won’t be there in two weeks, like a pimple or a bruise, I can remove it upon request. That said, I encourage you to embrace who you are as you are RIGHT now, because this is a time worth remembering! <3 

natural beauty

During our session, we’ll use a combination of poses and prompts. Posing = “tilt your head this way!” and “put your hand in your pocket!” Prompting = “run towards each other like you haven’t seen each other in three months!” I have TONS of little prompts and games that I’ll save for surprises during our session, and they’re guaranteed to help you loosen up and have tons of fun during our time together. 

real smiles

Every session is customized to feel like it fits your personality and vibe as a couple. This starts with a pre-session questionnaire, where I'll get to know you and your love story so that I can build a session that feels like it was made for you – because it was!

Authentically YOU!

I work with a team of incredible associate photographers who would love to be there for you when I'm unavailable. 

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