Chicago Event Planner: NCM Events CO

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Natalia, a Chicago Event Planner and founder of NCM Events Co, which specializes in creating unforgettable wedding experiences. In our interview, I asked about their services, what sets them apart, and their approach to planning events. If you’re in need of a photographer for your wedding, keep reading to learn more about NCM Events Co and how they can help make your big day truly unforgettable.

A Chicago couple stands on the riverwalk after their engagement

Q&A With a Chicago Event Planner

Tell me about yourself & your business! How did NCM Events Co start?

I have always had a passion and love for planning events. Even when I was a child, I loved creating menus and decorations for family dinners. I’ve always known that I eventually wanted to work for myself and start my own company. Having had 5+ years in the Chicago event industry, after getting to know the city during my undergraduate career at DePaul University, I felt it was time to branch out and start my own business!

What sets you apart as a Chicago event planner?

My attention to detail and ability to anticipate needs before they happen are part of what makes me stand out as a planner. These are traits that you’re not able to really learn but just intuitively have. This in combination with my years of experience, have really caused me to excel in my career. In addition to that, my eye for design and decor really allows me to create memorable and gorgeous events that feel and look different than standard decor.

What areas do you serve, and can you elaborate on the packages you offer?

I have 3 packages- full service, partial service, and day of planning. All of these really encompass what most couples are looking for from planning services, but I also am more than happy to create custom packages for couples or events depending on the planning needs! The full and partial service packages are the most hands on when it comes to total wedding and event design. These packages are intended for people who have a rough vision of what they want, but need help pulling that all together, or couples who are really looking for full design expertise and assistance. Day of planning is perfect for couples who have all the details finalized and just need help creating that timeline and itinerary and onsite coordination assistance.

How far in advance do you recommend clients reach out?

Ideally for couples who are looking for full service planning they should reach out once they are ready to begin the process! This allows for a seamless planning process that I’m involved in from the beginning. Some of the biggest vendors, catering and venue, are selected at the beginning of the planning process and those are often areas where clients need the most assistance. 

What is your process for planning events?

As a Chicago event planner, my first step is always to hop on an introductory call just to get to know the clients better! This allows for some face to face time for me to learn more about them and their big day, and for them to learn more about me. After we begin the planning process, I really like to start off by pulling together a mood or inspiration board for the event as a whole. This allows us to find the central theme we are hoping to achieve, and that in turn translates into all areas of the event. After that, I like to go vendor by vendor booking them in a specific order that best allows the planning process to flow! 

What’s something people might not know about you?

Something people might not know about me is that I love and really value education. I love to read in my free time, whether that’s about up and coming industry trends, or about world events and topics. I just completed a master’s degree from DePaul University in Digital Communication and Media Arts, and while this degree doesn’t directly pertain to my career or business, it’s still so valuable to incorporate the importance of digital communication in a business like mine. 

Do you have any advice for clients who are just starting the wedding planning process?

Try to enjoy it as much as you can! I always tell my couples that while the process and sometimes the day feels like it’s taking so long in the moment, when you look back it’s gone in a flash. Really enjoying the process together helps build the foundation of your marriage and sets the tone for the big day from the beginning of the process. I also really believe that you should stay true to yourself and what you value and believe in. Oftentimes, especially with weddings, people do things because they think they have to. I always emphasize that it’s more important to do what feels authentic and true to yourselves as a couple versus what you “should do”.

A Chicago couple stands on the riverwalk after their engagement

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