Bridgeport Art Center Wedding Venue for Romantic Skyline Views 

Every couple wants a unique wedding. The first step to that is to pick a fantastic location! Bridgeport Art Center can undoubtedly provide a unique venue, offering two different venue settings for couples. The Bridgeport Art Center wedding venue offers stunning city scenery and eye-catching architecture. 

About The Bridgeport Art Center Wedding Venue

Established in 2001, The Bridgeport Art Center serves as a creative home for artists, designers, and working professionals. They feature a variety of art forms, media, and vocations. This 500,000-square-foot building, located in the former Spiegel Catalog Warehouse, features exposed brick, high ceilings with wood beams, and big windows with incredible city views. The Bridgeport Art Center is a visually breathtaking historic Chicago building that defines raw urban elegance while featuring: 

  • three curated art galleries, 
  • artist studios, 
  • Gallery Row, 
  • the Fashion Design Center, 
  • Chicago Ceramics Center, 
  • the Skyline Loft and Sculpture Garden Gallery event venues, and 
  • a multitude of unique businesses. 

Furthermore, The Bridgeport Art Center is certainly a melting pot for artists. It offers an inspirational place to work, create, and share ideas with peers while making room for those couples planning their dream wedding at an art center!

mom helping her daughter into her dress at her The Bridgeport Art Center wedding

Details of the Grounds

The Bridgeport Art Center’s first venue is the Skyline Loft. While the Bridgeport Art Center resides on the Chicago river, you can view the Skyline Loft’s sweeping skyline. The Skyline Loft offers 18,000 square feet that can be sectioned and a sit-down capacity of 500 guests. Located in the historic 1911 building, the Skyline Loft has undergone renovations while keeping its raw, elegant nature, making it one of the most unique spaces in Chicago.

Sitting atop the Bridgeport Art Center with panoramic views, the Skyline Loft can offer a vast open space with a stunning view of the Chicago skyline. You would be awed by the city’s colors, from afternoon sunsets to evening twilight and the shining lights. The Bridgeport Art Center’s second venue is the Sculpture Garden Gallery. With architectural elements that define raw urban elegance, the Sculpture Garden Gallery offers 12,000 square feet inside and 4500 square feet outside, featuring world-renowned sculptures within this gallery.

Upon entering the Sculpture Garden Gallery, you’ll see stunning chandeliers as you continue to the original five-story elevator and into the inviting 12,000-square-foot event space. This venue has furnished private suites that have been artfully designed, along with restrooms, which feature original art installations and customizable illuminated onyx sinks.

The Sculpture Garden Gallery’s outdoor component features a visually breathtaking courtyard built along the historic railway that once served the building. The Ivy garden includes sculptures from acclaimed local and international artists. It is an ideal setting for a special day, with granite pavers and soaring original brick archways adorned with 6-foot tall boxwood topiary and seasonal planters. 

bride surrounded by her bridesmaids' bouquets

Photography Opportunities

The Bridgeport Art Center can offer a truly unique photography experience. With both of its beautiful venues, you can surely capture the perfect images of your wedding day. Starting with the Skyline Loft, with such an open space, I imagine you can get a true light and airy feel with a modern touch of the Chicago skyline in the background.

As for photo opportunities at the Sculpture Garden Gallery – whether posed or spontaneous, any image with a unique sculpture, brickwork, and other garden features would make for a memorable and timeless backdrop. Moreover, any images captured here would be a unique and stunning memory for the couple to reminisce about. 

Wedding Details

The Skyline Loft features: 

  • Solid wood flooring with dramatic inlays, 
  • Unobstructed views in the main dining area, 
  • Exposed brick walls, 
  • 15-foot wood beamed ceilings, 
  • 120-foot skylights over an inlaid runway, 
  • HVAC for year-round comfort, 
  • Original elevator for cars, 
  • Separate service elevator, 
  • On-site recycling, 
  • On-site complete catering kitchen, 
  • Unique draping, and 
  • A coat check. 

For your event, the skyline loft also has four metal bars, drapery, French country chairs, a variety of tables from rectangular to cabaret to rounds, and a projector. 

mom and daughter holding hands

The Sculpture Garden Gallery also has the following: 

  • Solid wood flooring, 
  • Exposed brick walls, 
  • 12-foot wood beamed ceilings, 
  • Floor-to-ceiling French doors facing the sculpture garden, 
  • HVAC for comfort, 
  • A catering kitchen, 
  • On-site recycling, 
  • Taupe draping, 
  • Artistically designed bathrooms, 
  • Bride and groom suites, and 
  • A coat check. 

Additionally, The Sculpture Garden Gallery includes: 

  • Heaters, 
  • Lounge seating, 
  • A garden enclosure, 
  • An archway seal, 
  • French country chairs, 
  • Two metal bars, 
  • Two video mapping projectors, and 
  • A variety of tables for your event. 

The Bridgeport Art Center offers a vendor list and a bar service experience. Furthermore, both venues are entirely customizable and open for your wedding needs, ensuring you can achieve your true vision!

Bridgeport Art Center Wedding

The Bridgeport Art Center wedding venue is a fantastic location for your special day if you appreciate art and structurally beautiful spots. If you want to see more gorgeous locations, click on the blog links below! While you’re here, let’s chat about your wedding photography needs.